I often think I make art to stop time. I used to make it to say here I am, and of course, that still has something to do with it. But now it’s more about grabbing hold of what I’m thinking in the here and now, and making it stop, hold still, so I can […]

Dream studio, (literally)

I guess I had dream houses built in my head when I was a kid, but they were never as vivid to me as the fantasy studio. My father was an art director and worked with all kinds of artists, and each came with their own particular work places. The one I remember best belonged […]


I’ve waited a long time to start a blog. By now, the world doesn’t need another one, but I’m trying it out anyway. I wasn’t hesitant to add my voice to the millions of others out there, I just couldn’t decide which of the things I love to write about. Do I concentrate on my […]