Turned Around

Sometime in the middle of April, I found I had to. It wasn’t a dead end exactly, but a blogging breather.  I had been trying to do so much all at the same time, and life doesn’t work that well that way. Making art, thinking about making art, trying to share it, trying to share […]


Every time you go to the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, at the northernmost part of the Everglades  there’s a very good chance of an alligator meet-and-greet. This is not an every day kind of South Florida encounter, but since there’s water everywhere, it’s never out of the realm of the possible. I’ve […]

Repetition and Ritual

Opening tomorrow! I’m part of a new exhibit, Repetition and Ritual, New Sculpture in Fiber, curated by artist Sonya Yong James, in the Fowler Gallery at The Hudgens Center for the Arts, in Georgia. The show concentrates itself on dimensional fiber works that  “center specifically on the creative act as personal obsession. James states, “Some […]

My Solomon

I lost my beautiful Solomon last night. My lovely boy, my best friend. with the softest chin, and sweetest belly, Who, in sleep, the deepest dreaming sleeps, looked more like an Abstract Expressionist painting than a cat He was my watcher, my guardian of windows, fierce in ways that his mildness made you forget, gentle […]

New x Three at Blue Spiral 1

The Lonely Hunter, by Charles Keiger, and sculpture, Balance, by Tom Sheilds Some beautiful images sent to me from New X Three, at Blue Spiral 1 in Asheville, North Carolina. My Saprotrophic Vivarium, foregroundBaker’s Dozen, background,  by Brad Sells Symptomatic Vivarium Contagious Collection Collection New X Three January 10- March 2, 2013 Blue Spiral 1 38 […]

Oliver’s Love

Oliver’s love for burrowing, in this case into the sleeve of my mother’s red robe the day before Valentines Day, has become a real-live, genuine, sold-in-stores greeting card! The lovely people at Palm Press found my picture of our tabby in his heart shaped cave, (styling by Mom), and turned him into a Valentine! Keep […]