A Five Inch Fragment of Life and Death

Another shout-out from the wilderness of the overworked and the overwhelmed – a show I’m very happy to be in, in a gallery space I love from afar. I have three pieces in 5 x 5  x (5), at Target Gallery, in the Torpedo Factory Art Center, in Alexandria, VA. The show was curated by Stefanie Fedor, the Executive Director of Arlington Arts Center.  All the works in the show are under five inches, and you know how much I love that. The art is on view on their site here, and I’m proud to be among the treasures. Large scale work rightfully claims the space it’s in, but small pieces create universes, I think.

Extroverted Biotope
Self-Concious Biotope
5 x 5 x (5)
December 8 – 30, 2012
Target Gallery
Torpedo Factory Art Center


  1. December 9, 2012 at 4:49 pm Daydreamer

    Congratulations, Amy!
    I know what an Absorbing thing it is getting ready for a show… especially if it is all new works! I Love the “5 inch fragment” one… and the self-conscious one… that made me laugh! I Too, think these little orbs are like Beings…. other-worldly… complex and unexplainable… but they are Entities… surely with Egos and a point of view!!!
    I hope you get to take some time for yourself soon!!!
    And Happy Hanukkah (If you celebrate it!)

  2. December 11, 2012 at 3:02 pm Amy

    I do celebrate it, thank you Betsy! And I’ve been nuts lately, forgetting why I make things, I guess…I was starting to turn good things into chores, but a switch was hit, for as mysterious a reason as the reasons things seem to go bad. So I’m enjoying the work again-and remembering exactly what you so shrewdly noticed, that what we make do seem to have egos and wills and opinions! Isn’t it amazing when the inanimate suddenly seems real, and starts to argue with us, or tell us exactly what not to add, or take away. It always seems to come from the object, doesn’t it, when it’s working well. The objects stop telling us what to do when it’s not working, I guess.

    I’m coming back to you later to admire your first snowfall–I was just listening to a story about how they make soapsud snow in Arizona…not quite the same thing a the wondrous real, is it?

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