I’m so excited to be a part of The Fine Art of Contemporary Craft at the beautiful, (and newly expanded!) Watson MacRae Gallery on Sanibel Island, FL. I’ll get to spend time with the most excellent gallery owner and curator Maureen Watson, see the work of my fellow exhibiting artists up close, and, – not too shabby – wander the beaches of this particularly special island, where the shells wear tiny costumes of crustaceans.

Blue Bird’s Biotope will be there…
and Self Absorbed Terrarium

and Ocular Vivarium

and shadow boxes, here’s two of five…
A Blue Transposition
The Marsh Watches

2340 Periwinkle Way #B3
Sanibel, Florida 33957


  1. January 3, 2013 at 11:08 pm Daydreamer

    Amy, When you talk of Patience…. I KNOW you have Patience! Your works are ALL an exercise in careful, Patient pursuit of an idea, an Image, a Theme, a Feeling, an Essence… that you know is in there somewhere… and will be revealed with the Dedicated, Patient application of your craft!
    I LOVE the Bluebird’s Biotope! It just FEELs so Breezy and BLUE!
    Isn’t it interesting that when we are creating from our own Inner Zone… it never feels like Patience… it just feels like LOVE?!
    Sanibel Island sounds Divine!

  2. January 4, 2013 at 3:49 pm Amy

    You would love it, Betsy. You would find the most amazing little things on their beaches, not just the showy perfect shells that get most of the attention, but the tiny, intricate, complicated ones that look like rococo sculptures. And the seaweed, green, red, and the skeletons of sea urchins wearing sequins of barnacles.

    You know, it’s so funny, I never think of myself as a patient person-maybe for you and me it’s the antidote to the way our minds go backwards and forwards and have to keep up with the way time passes so quickly, sometimes, it seems, without us. When we concentrate on what we’re doing we have to pay as much attention to each motion and the present moment, everything is a decision of the now. Every bead, every tile, every tiny thing is a few moments of our present life. And then we can look back and it all marked our paths. Do you think?

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