Does remembering, which is all we can do with passing time, make everything and everywhere too much like a dream?
Some places are more like that than other places.
I don’t think this garden, part of the Society of the Four Arts in Palm Beach, was meant to be like this, it was designed and mapped and constructed and cultivated.
But it seems like something imagined from the real world, wherever that is, composed behind our eyelids from flowers seen and dreamt and reinvented.


  1. March 18, 2013 at 4:14 am Sans!

    Always, Amy, at least for me. I am more forgetful than most, my memory is like a sieve. Not that I don’t remember at all, but I think I keep the bits I want to remember and forget the rest. A friend said that’s a good trait for creativity because I always forget the formula of how I did it before.

    I try to find beauty in decay and I do. That’s what I am trying to show in my projects. I have been accused of romanticising decay. I think it is just the die hard optimist in me. I see the good sides :).

    Your pictures are like my dreams. The 1st one is a miniature garden with a miniature doll posing for a picture. The 2nd one, I swear I have seen that tiled steps and the pot somewhere. Perhaps in another of your post? And the flowers, I see them all the time when I want to recreate them in small scale and that last picture, it could have been right here where I live.

  2. March 18, 2013 at 10:56 pm Daydreamer

    Oh, Amy! Can you Believe how LUSH and Incredibly Green that looks to my Winter tired eyes? Do you Remember that March Brown and Gray? And then MORE Snow forecast for Tonight….just as the frozen snowbanks are finally melting! My Garden Dreams are never that Lush… so it must be the Primal Memory that holds some of that Imagery! I left all my snowdrops behind at my old garden and have not remembered to plant more here… it seems so unnecessary in October…. and so Essential in March! I promise myself this year… But meanwhile I will gaze in rapture at your begonias and Dream of strolling past Fountains in flow…..
    Thank you for this Taste of Paradise!

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