The sea looks lovely and idyllic and picturesque in this photo, but keep in mind, in its normal form here it’s flat and placid and aqua blue. A cartoon blue with little paint strokes of white, the tide patting the beach the way your grandmother might pat your shoulder when you’re sleepy and sunburned. It’s […]

Morning here…

Though I do like sleeping in, at least the idea of it, it’s always overruled by hungry cats. But at least I don’t miss this face, this way, first thing. Or the way the light slides in, softly slicing away at the floors and tabletops, setting glass on fire. Good morning, everybody.

Saturday Night in FAT Village

It’s strange sometimes how you need to blog and then don’t want to blog – it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with mood, or activity, or inactivity, or restlessness. Maybe that’s why there isn’t a textbook cure for writer’s block, or artist’s block. It all just starts and stops for a combination of […]