Small Town

Just a quick shout-out to anyone watching tv tonight: my small town was voted Most Fun Small Town in America by Rand McNally, and the Travel Channel will tell us why, on Best of the Road, tonight, at 8 pm. Though I’m a little leery of calling anything the best of anything, I can say […]

Down the Alley

Walking down Artists’ Alley, downtown Delray Beach, on Open Studio night, right alongside the train tracks, (not the commuter tracks, but for the mile-long freight trains that still clatter like the percussion in an old Hank Williams song), and little islands of light glow after the car repair garages and welders nearby shut down for […]


Solomon has the right idea. After a day of working to a radio program interviewing an author about the impending death of the middle class, after sitting so long at the computer that I could no longer feel the difference between my own body and the chair I was sitting on, after turning away from […]

The Adams Hote

Miami Beach looks very much like you imagine it would, even if you’ve never been there: like a city made out of sugar cubes and fondant and ice cream cake. It’s an Art Deco phantasm carved out of stucco and seemingly shaped by a spatula, painted in colors completely made up by man. It’s been […]