Strange Monday

It was a strange day today, a holiday Monday without people, in a place usually full of people.  I love standing at the edge of things, we all seem to. Unlike places that let us wander, edges make us stop, think about where we are in space. So today we stopped. Everybody else seemed to […]

Circus Thursday

Last night, in downtown Delray Beach, Atlantic Avenue seemed very much like Atlantic Avenue, except for certain things: Like girls spinning on rings, and twirling on sashes, strong men balancing on one hand, gentlemen who play with fire,  and, sometimes, swallow it. But, best, I think, little kids, (and a few adults) got to fly, […]


Rockport, Massachusetts was never a real place for me or my family, though we went there every year. My father drove up from New York for long weekends before he met my mother, they drove up there together from New Jersey the day after their wedding, I wore out my first shoes learning to walk […]