A lot

What it is about too much? We seem to value the two extremes, the one and only thing, and the way too much of something. We love and fear them, afraid to lose the single thing, afraid to lose the bounty. And afraid to be buried under it. I was reading today about a woman […]


A rare mid-week night out, with my favorite people, all lamp-lit and spot-lit and chandeliered. Pictures of pictures of pictures, all glowing little screens. And an Edgar Allen Poe craft show. And Clematis Street’s penultimate night light. More lights: Chris’ Light Show Yayoi Kusama’s Lights and Mirrors


I left my camera in a dressing room yesterday.  It was the first time since I took it out of its box that it hasn’t been near me, and its sudden absence reminds me not only of the loss itself but it problems it creates – that distancing from direct experience. In a way there’s […]

Hungry Eye

Yes, I finally joined Tumblr. I stopped waiting for the tall, wide studio wall that I could cover with postcards, quotes, scraps of fabric, pictures torn from magazines, that glorious wall of influence. I save folders of paper, bins of scraps, but they began to feel like a burden, the kinds of things that start […]


The last few minutes of lunch served at a cafe in a museum. There’s no one left but us, and the staff, and tables to be bussed, things put back in place. Everyone is preparing to be somewhere else. Even though we’re still here, we’re done, thinking about our own particular next. It’s the last […]