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I’ve loved old postcards for a long time now, enough to start collecting them when I was ten, (the first one found in the desk in the living room, one sent to my Mom, of a New Jersey amusement park). Enough to fix some into my sketchbooks, enough to use them as backgrounds in my […]

Passing by

Two weekends, in the same state, but enough disparate images to make your head spin. We’re lucky we can take it all in, this fun house of stuff, without falling over, since nothing links them together but our witnessing them. Our passing by. Our looking up or down or over or back. We had coffee […]


Okay. Honestly. Valentine’s Day, not a huge fan. But not a hater, either. So I opt, today, to wear a black boat neck top, yes, but with red shoes. Oliver, too, not a fan. He loves, but on his own terms. So we throw the love dust all over him, because we just can’t help […]