Becoming real

From this,  to this, virtually overnight. My studio looks more like a set from Michel Gondry’s Science of Sleep, a dream-scene of corrugated cardboard skyscrapers, though completely without his trademark whimsy.  (whimsical) (Not whimsical. Not one bit). The most amazing thing about all this finishing and tweaking and boxing and taping and folding and bubble-wrapping […]

In the Cassia Tree

Speaking of trees, this is our Cassia, a young one, a baby, really. It sits in our front yard, tilting, growing out its haircuts so quickly that it seems to be laughing at our attempts at taming it, our feeble fumbling for curb appeal. But, see, if you don’t tame your trees here, you get […]

Collections: Pursenality

I was never much of a handbag girl, maybe because I grew up in a 1920’s house. This really does make sense-1920’s houses had small closets, tiny closets that did not foresee the future of 1970s middle class families with more than one week supply of clothes, or shoes, or handbags. My Mom had a […]

First Night

Under the electric starfish, my town celebrates First Night, filling the streets up: with thousands of people, and lights, including the moon, with glowing mohawks, and very tall puppets, fiddlers,  and dancers, things that twirl and spin, bikes that glow, very tall trees, and extra large poetry. Then, at midnight, we drop the car. (it’s […]