Petri Dish

If art-making is a transformation of the invisible into the visible, then the petri dish is the perfect metaphor. Target Gallery in Alexandria, Virginia has assembled a small works exhibition with one stipulation-the pieces must fit the parameters of a petri dish. Two of my biotopes are taking part: Amy Gross, Cultured Biotope, Parasol Mushrooms […]

Humble Pie

Stick me with apples and my Mom’s New Settlement Cookbook, (the one so well-used that the spine has peeled away and the cover has fallen off, the one with the water stains, the one that also teaches you how to set the table), and I manage  the only thing I can bake, apple pie for […]

Collections: Vintage jewelry

I’ve never owned a piece of jewelry that had an ounce of worldly value.  I’ll never have any stories about trading in the family jewels to save the house. But ask me about my all-time favorite necklace and I’ll describe the plastic Oreo cookie with a bite taken out of it, on a leather string, […]

Coral Gables

On Sunday my friend Amy and I drove south to Coral Gables in her new red car to see the play Red. And after a week of laboring on a piece consisting of thirty red fiber objects, it’s been a decidedly red week, completed by a jarring sight, in the play, of artist Mark Rothko […]


I’ve passed these trees many times on my way back home from places, and I love their gothic cloaked drama. They’re frozen in what seems like a continuous Boo. But, really, they’re just unfortunate to be set in a lot that no one pays much attention to-they’re smothered by an invasive vine that doesn’t belong […]

Friday night at Whitespace

Last night was the first show of the season at Whitespace. One more reason I love living here is that art is often in places you wouldn’t expect, down side roads and in warehouses and converted buildings. Elayne and Dr. Marvin Mordes live with their collection in a transformed dental laboratory, but share much of […]

Feathered Nest

I’m a part of a lovely post by Marni Elyse Katz on The Inside Source, about feathers in people’s homes. For me, they have been gifts that have literally, truly fallen from the sky. White ibis, sparrow hawks, blue jays, mourning doves, osprey, wood storks, blue herons, egrets and yes, turkey vultures, have contributed to […]