The Ghosts of Halloween Past

Halloween from days gone by. Well, a few years ago. Days long gone smelled like decaying maple leaves, meant parkas zipped up over home-made costumes, rain, orange and chocolate cupcakes, my mom pretending that something was climbing up the basement stairs behind me and my kitchen chair. Here, in my sub-tropical adulthood, or what has […]

Sunday along the St. Lucie

In this part of Florida, the southeast, you have to go north to go South. Up Interstate 95, where the back ends of industrial parks and salvage yards trail off into open fields and where you see your first citrus groves, grazing horses, herds of cattle. We were driving only an hour north, but it’s […]

Dining Room of Horror

In the Dining Room of Horror, a nightmarish scene has been set. What terrors are lurking on the dining set from hell? Ooh. Scary papier mache. Do not fear. Horrifying skull is illuminated by battery-powered flicker candle so Dining Room of Horror does not catch on fire. Safety always. Witness, if you dare, Tabby Cat […]


Not all that autumnal, though the orange suits the season, right? On the last afternoon before a cold front passes through Florida, I thought I would get tropical one more time. I don’t dive or snorkel, I have oxygen issues, as in, if the air comes through a tube, I’m somewhere I don’t want to […]

Window Shopping

As any devotee of Project Runway knows well, the shopping mall, according to Michael Kors, is a wretched hive of spandex and acetate villainy, the standard measure of the low brow and the common. Anything that sinks below the good taste limbo pole is banished there immediately-an amusing touch of irony, considering that my local […]


It’s October, right? I’m trying to get into the mood. But it’s hard to. It’s going to be 90 degrees this week. They promised us a cool front by Friday, which means a high of 86. They’re selling scarves and gloves in Target, but I can’t imagine wearing them, I can’t even touch anything that’s […]


What would you miss most, if everything was taken away from you? I’m not talking about people you love, that’s the first clear and obvious answer. What would you miss seeing, or being part of? I would miss morning, those first stabs of light, the theatrical glow right after, the shadows, the earliest suggestions of […]


I was finishing two projects last week, one my own work, a sewn fiber piece that fits under a glass dome, and my Dad’s paintings-turned-note cards, that I print for the Morikami Japanese Garden’s gift shop. The first year he moved here he painted every week there, and he loved it deeply. He never intended […]