Snail’s Pace

Late Saturday afternoon the snails are hard at work, doing what they do, crossing bridges of grass. Following each other over there, where it should be better. Scaling up this way, because they can. Or disappearing to a cooler place, into the dim depths, the source of things. To find what they want there. The […]


They didn’t grow up together. And they’re separated in age by ten long years, eons of cat time, my Solomon an older gentleman who thoroughly ran his former house, made his own day, chose his own window sills and red blankets,¬†executed lizard house-crashers and took on a confused raccoon that broke into his screened porch. […]

Leaf Dance

It’s been that kind of week, where every minute seems staged for a particular purpose, everything scheduled. It ends with three deadlines. So there’s been no time for anything that’s not planned, for drifting. But I was standing for a few minutes on the back porch, taking a breath, and saw a small brown leaf […]


I had looked for a dress form for a long time, in antique malls, in garage sales, flea markets, but never found the girl who was right for me. Too tattered, with shredded linen that looked like half-healed wounds, or too new, with prepubescent Kate Moss hips, (this would taunt me), or too expensive. Mainly, […]

Collections: Golden

I collected Golden Books when I was a kid. I collected books in general, all gifts from grown ups, appearing magically in my blue bookshelf. Magically because I have no specific memories of their arrival – they were always there. My parents’ house was filled with books, books with no pictures, books with pictures. I […]

Sidewalk Stories

So many stories on a sidewalk after it rains. A strip of cement that connects one house with another, swept bare most of the time, but after a storm it’s imprinted with what remains after wind and water shift things around.¬† There’s a leaf turned transparent as a scrap of tissue paper. Another split directly […]