Collections: In bowls

Taking a look at what ends up in household bowls is a bit like having your head examined, isn’t it? The things you put under glass are things that need to be protected, but bowls are restless, fluid, transient. They hold what you pick up along the way, for as long as you need them. […]

Among Us

Here’s the source of my preoccupation with mushrooms: As a teenager, I had a potted plant in my bedroom, an umbrella tree that had been given to me as a gift. It grew so fast and was so vital in its way that it seemed more like a pet than a plant. It popped a […]

The desk where I live…

The studio is a kind of chicken and egg thing-it’s sometimes hard to figure out how much of the development of your work is decided by the space you make it in. I’ve only had small spaces to work in so far, and I have always stayed relatively small. But I’ve been watching ants and […]

In the Company of Orchids

My neighbor’s orchids put me in the mood to go back to the American Orchid Society last Sunday, to see what my true orchiding neighbors had been doing since I went there the first time, years ago. I remembered a concrete circle and the beginnings of a garden, and a greenhouse, but not much more. […]


They’re things with no practical use. And they’re usually small, easily trampled, creased, crushed or blown away. Things you come across, things you find when you’re doing something else, that fit into your pocket. Objects with an entirely different plan, most of them never marketed to you, never designed to grab your attention. If and […]

The Bell Jar

I’ve been asked more than once to put my work under glass, something the Victorian in me actually likes. But the small pieces I’ve made have survived cat attacks-that’s part of the point to them, that they aren’t real, and they aren’t delicate. I clean them up with rolled up masking tape. But there is […]

My Neighbor’s Orchids

I have no talent for orchids. But some of my neighbors do.  Early mornings, I ride past them on my bike. I hardly see anyone around here in the summer, so I don’t really know who lives where. But I know their orchids. I love their mix of Walt Disney and Willy Wonka and David […]

So much like…

I just finished a new sewn piece, so after naming it and photographing it and justifying its existence I can take a little breath. Think, or preferably, not think. Mostly, I look. Look at pictures, look at things, pick things up. Remind myself about why I surround myself with certain objects. Why I go straight […]

Collections: Gently Worn

When I was  eleven, I went with my parents to an antique fair. It was one of many I had followed them to, dozens of weekends wandering among old things. This time, I found a pair of black high button shoes, exactly my size. I couldn’t afford the pair, my allowance didn’t stretch that far. […]

Interior, with Solomon

First of all, Solomon is fine. Since Oliver came to live with us, he’s monopolized photographs and stories – Ollie’s the ham, the clown, the drama magnet with the cat-in-the-back-alley demeanor and flying saucer eyes. So when Solomon shows up on Flickr, in his camouflage, people immediately ask, is he ok? Has he passed? Is […]