Studio Revisted

I felt like going back into my studio in the attic of the Blue Barn today. I think I just plain miss it. In a funny way, since it’s been stored away, I remember it through the photos, and it feels more like a real place I’ve lived in than if it were right in […]


No. I’m not here today.  Not here either, giving a sand castle a try. (I didn’t build this one, but some very talented person(s) came, built, and went away). Not walking along this path, made up of millions of tiny white shells. Haven’t done any of this in a while. It’s ok, I’m awake, I’m […]

Joyce’s Garden (part 2)

Closer up in Joyce’s mountain-side garden. Still-lives from a place not at all still, from the hum and fizz and whir of the smaller things. Even the colors seem to make their own sounds. One gift that Joyce’s garden has given me was this: that one early evening, a few years ago, I went outside to […]

Joyce’s Garden, (part 1)

In May, I wrote a little piece about my friend Joyce’s house. A few days ago, she sent me photographs of her garden. And, of course, I had to share them. Joyce’s home has always been more than a house, it’s the focal point of her many talents and a gracefully composed poem about what she […]


I can’t pretend that I’m not a bit of a dork. Okay, more than a bit. I grew up with tv. I am, literally, a first generation Sesame Streeter, so I can’t remember a time in my life when there wasn’t a set on somewhere. (Not in my house, particularly, there was a no-tv-before- six-pm […]

The Red Shoes

On a Saturday afternoon, when I was eleven, my Dad called me into the living room. Channel 13 was airing the film The Red Shoes, and he asked me to sit down and watch it with him. Up until then my cinematic world had been saturated with tv airings of The Planet of The Apes […]

Secret Garden

Okay. Not an absolute secret. But if you were driving past this strip mall, and didn’t need a wig, or a fan, you would see little reason to stop. Maybe the pink posts flanking The Girls would give you brief pause. Most likely, not. But if you knew what lay behind it, you would stop, […]

Storm Coming in

We’ve been dragging through the worst drought in Florida’s recorded history. Grass burned brown, flower beds gone thin and bowed, ponds looking like drained bathtubs, revealing their hidden depths-old bicycles, crushed cans turned green. Even the algae that furred submerged things went powdery and frail.But the afternoon rain storms have come, at last. They mumble […]


It’s been bonkers here lately, in this little room. A little while ago I chose to work on multiple small things, instead of the large pieces that have been tortuous in terms of the techniques I use. Everything I make is sewn and beaded and knotted and embroidered by hand, and this is a major […]