Side ways

One a rare weekday out of the studio, I went for a short wander down one of my favorite side streets, an odd mix of renovated and abandoned houses, overgrown yards, holistic shops, restaurant backs, stray cats, bamboo and silver floss trees. It could be even more intricate inside those hedge-guarded gardens, but they keep […]

Giant Garage Sale 2: Floored

The floor at the Giant Garage Sale was as fascinating as the tabletops, maybe a bit more mysterious-stuff thrown in boxes, stacked and piled. Things leaning, dropped, tossed. Sweaters styled fifty years ago but never worn. Paintings of deep blue seas and mist shrouded mountains, portraits of fish and chickens, dozens of sad-eyed, pensive girls. […]

The Giant Garage Sale: Table Edition

Every summer, when the sun turns into an enormous blinding interrogation lamp and I start to wonder why I’m living here, there’s the Giant Garage Sale at the South Florida Fairgrounds.  I am reborn. Unlike the pricey monthly antique fair, anyone can buy a table and put out their stuff. If you have old bicycle […]

Library Nerd

I am a library nerd. I love them. Love love love. I belong to the county library and the city library. I still have my first grown-up library card, the one they gave me when I turned twelve.  I keep it in my wallet. When I was nine, I won the Children’s Summer Reading Race, […]

My Mother’s House

                                          In the house I grew up in there was a pair of antique ice skates, made of cracked wood and leather, hanging on a hook by the fireplace. I used to hold them, and think, […]

Popping Up

I was invited by artist Sibel Kocabasi to be part of her alternative space show called Mid Summer Pop Up, opening this Saturday, June 25th in Palm Beach Gardens. Acclimatizing Biotope, a section detailed up there, will be there, and Contagious, too. Palm Beach County is not exactly brimming with alternative gallery spaces, and thanks […]


I get my brushes and ink and canvas and paint at a small art store, but I’m not there nearly as much as at the gigantic craft superstores. Where I’m just another cog in the wheel with a plastic shopping basket, bleached blue under fluorescent lights, wandering past the faces of a thousand silk flowers. […]

Collections: Frankoma

I didn’t want to post on collections two times in a row, but I just learned last week that Frankoma Pottery is officially no more. Founded in 1933 by potter John Frank, its name came from the combination of his last name and his state of Oklahoma, the source of the clay he used. And […]

Collections: Bugged

 Sometimes things happen in the studio that aren’t particularly planned – I’m not really a collector of fake bugs, but they seem to have collected themselves. The way the real ones often do, to my dismay. But they keep showing up, (the fake ones) in my work, on my things, as my jewelry. I’ve been […]