Chlorine Summer Blues

When I moved to Florida, I brought with me many assumptions. Endless summer, I guess. That it smelled like coconut oil and chlorine. That every day might include a pool, late afternoons with David Hockney’s arcs and squiggles dancing in rectangles of aquamarine and cerulean blue: (though this was California) But life fits itself back […]

Wall Eyed

I’ve gotten a little inspiration wall shy. This traces back to the day I pinned a postcard way too enthusiastically and the pin board came loose and fell down the back of a very wide and heavy bookshelf, pushpins and papers and photos and feathers and ticket stubs rattling and rustling down the back of […]

Collections: Tiny Furniture

Has anyone ever explained to your satisfaction the reason why we’re fascinated by tiny furniture? A lot of the time it’s treated like some kind of complex, or control issue. But that’s not it. I haven’t figured it out, exactly. But it has something to do with placing two worlds together, and jumping between them. […]

Morikami Sunday

We came for the kimono exhibit inside the museum, but we stayed, and always stay, at the Morikami, for the gardens. Because, within yards of each other, are a spectrum of petals, And all kinds of green. The bamboo stalks knock and squeak when the air moves them, And shadows slide downhill. There are steps […]

Collections: In my cups

I don’t drink tea, but I love the cups. Especially the very tiny ones, better at holding the flowers I snipped too close than any reasonable amount of tea. They couldn’t have held more than three or four sips. I can’t guess who could have been satisfied by four sips, even in daintier times. (My […]

Back to Nunley’s, in a way

Any kid growing up in Nassau County, on Long Island, any time within 1939 – 1995, has some kind of memory of Nunley’s. Nunley’s was the kind of small-scale amusement park that lots of us think of while we’re getting all misty about our childhoods. There were parks like it everywhere, ¬†packed into spaces next […]

Joyce’s House

I would like to take you inside my friend Joyce’s house. I have known Joyce my entire life. My parents and Joyce and her husband were close friends, and we would drive up on weekends to visit them. Going to visit Joyce and Dick was a true adventure for me, because Joyce was an artist […]

Teahouse found

I love wandering weekends because you find out that the wonderful crayon colored place you love to walk by has been transformed into a restaurant/teahouse- The Rectory is one of those painted houses that you daydream about living in, a tin-roofed turn of the century tucked away off the main street, painted purple and pink […]

A walk

This is not an actual walk, in real time, but a collection of walks, on trails, on boardwalks, through woods. I think that if I were unable to go outside, and I had to recreate a walk from scratch, out of pieces of the recent past, it would look a lot like this. I don’t […]