Collections: Bookish

Last year, moving away, I packed up all my books, box after box after box of them, each box sealed shut with screeching packing tape. I piled them up everywhere, one on top of the other, my rooms looking like a giant child’s tilting cardboard city. I had given many away, but the rest I […]

Grace Knowlton

Sharing my show at RoCA is a room filled with the collections of artist Grace Knowlton.Some are her own pieces, and things she collects, organic and manufactured. Other objects were sent to her by her friends around the world. Have you ever instantly liked a person you have never met? Outside, in a field, are […]

Back to the Met

The first museum my parents took me to was the Museum of Natural History, because nothing can compete with a giant blue whale hanging from a ceiling. But after that, the Metropolitan Museum of Art. ¬†Later on I read “From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler”, about a brother and sister who ran […]

What Spring was, and is

I finally flew up to New York to see “Flowers, Follies”. (It was better than I had guessed from photos, and I was able to really see the work of the artists I shared the room with, how intimate and complex and beautiful their pieces are up close). I moved south almost twelve years ago, […]

Imitation of Life

I’ve been thinking about Armando Reveron, the Venezuelan painter who made life sized dolls and used them as his artists models. I think a lot about Dare Wright, who wrote books about dolls that sometimes seemed more real to her than people. There are so many faces that I glance at every day, inanimate objects […]

Such Green

We’ve been lucky with nature this month, around this little suburban house. Dragonflies on the screens, orange butterflies outside Dunkin Donuts, a nest full of baby mockingbirds in the young yellow and green Cassia tree outside my studio window. They gape at their mother dropping them insects, baring their lemon yellow mouths. They sound like […]