A Wing

I found this little wing at the front door this morning. It used to be one of four. The Halloween Pennant dragonflies are swarming everywhere right now, it must be March. She went as far as she could go, I guess. I still can’t quite understand how intricately amazing this transient world can be. This […]

Tree Burst

Spring here is like a tree explosion, sometimes you can’t believe the intensity against all that cobalt blue Florida sky. Sometimes I think I can see colors best when they’re trapped in a photo-I have trouble believing them when I see them in real time. The trees here will challenge that for the next three […]


When I was nineteen, I went to Japan. One afternoon I walked by myself through Ueno Park, and it started to rain. I was, from what I could tell, the only one in Tokyo without an umbrella. But it didn’t matter. Nearly everywhere I walked, someone held their umbrella over me. I had never experienced […]

This Sunday, inside

I’m inside all this weekend, working on a commission. I work here all week too, so Sunday is usually about leaving, about running around, finding stuff, looking for places to look at, being with people. This is Sunday afternoon for Oliver and Solomon. It’s all about long sleeps, soft sofas, tolerating your frenemy. You know, […]

Collections: Global

We collect, sometimes beyond the point of reason. And there are multiple reasons why. But the root cause, I think, is pretty basic – I’m sure I’m repeating myself, but here I go again – we need to gather things together that help explain the world to ourselves, and explain ourselves to the world. I’m […]