Holding and letting go

I get, literally and figuratively, very close to the objects I make. Every part of each has been picked out, picked up, held up, examined, altered, cut down, sewn in. They’re covered with fingerprints, needle pricks, there’s DNA on the end of every thread. When they’re done, I line them up and stare at them. […]

Saturday with Sunflowers

I’m right in the middle of non-stop prepping work for a show in March, but when you hear that 4 miles away there’s a pick-your-own sunflower field, what do you do? Come on. You go off to the farm and pick yourself some sunflowers.

Eye-squint studio tour

Little pieces of my studio: a bee in an live-oak acorn. A papier-mache face. A plastic hand. A paper moth. Some kind of pod. Pins and thread. Brown in the pinks. Fortune.