Why I love beads. Simple.Not just because they mimic cells, and ice, and stars, and seeds.Because they make you really think about their color, and see the differences in everything we call red, and blue, and green, and white. Because they make you center in on the search for that one perfect hue, and let […]

Missing you…

The Old Blue Barn is up on a shelf right now, empty. Wow, that was needlessly depressing in tone, it’s not like it burned up in a fire or was accidentally crushed in a soccer-ball incident-(that did happen once, to another house, long ago). It’s right over my head while I’m typing away here. But […]

Friday Favorite: The Third Man

I thought I would try to expand my blog’s little world to include the things out there that I like most. Some things I absolutely love, some – certain books, paintings, videos, songs, movies, have become so integrated into the contents of my life that I almost forget that they aren’t mine. But don’t we […]

A walk on the edge of the Gulf

I won’t be too wordy this time. Here are some small reasons why we need the Gulf of Mexico. This is Sanibel Island’s swatch of shore, but its particular stands for everyone’s sea and shore. Horton was right. There’s universes on the tips of pear whelks, too.

Opening Night

Have you ever had a week when everything was just right, that will be remembered as gauze-softened and twinkly, not because of the softening of passing time but because it actually was? I haven’t had a stretch of days like that since I was a kid and loved almost everything. But this last week actually […]

Watson MacRae Gallery

I’m beyond excited to be a part of a new exhibit opening December 3rd at Watson MacRae Gallery on the beautiful island of Sanibel, Florida. It’s titled “Folk, Fantasy & Outsider Art”, and I’ll be showing eleven pieces there. The shadowboxes were made for the gallery, but the other pieces will be my larger wall […]