The joy of just doing

I’ve been a surface designer for a while now, long enough to have started my business back when every blanket and comforter I designed had to be painted by hand, full size, in gouche I mixed up in yogurt cups. I would sit for hours trying to get my paint swatches to match the imperious […]


I had a seventies-red bedroom when I was a kid, all quilted bedspread and flocked wallpaper and curtains with crimson pom-pom trimming, and I chose red as my favorite color at six. I don’t think I had much of a choice then, but I keep it still, with all it’s symbolism and charge. This weekend […]


What’s on your bedside table? We’re all the most vulnerable at night in our beds, and undefended until we wake, are we most ourselves then? Does what we chose to see last each night, and first each morning, mean much more than the rest of our things? You know, I’m not completely sure. But I […]

The real life studio

When I say that the mini-me doll house artist has more space than I do, it’s absolutely true. I never dreamed of a big house, I don’t even like the open concept idea-give me a giant brick walled loft and I swear I’ll be sleeping in the cardboard refrigerator box. I like warrens of rooms, […]