Saturday Night in FAT Village

It’s strange sometimes how you need to blog and then don’t want to blog – it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with mood, or activity, or inactivity, or restlessness. Maybe that’s why there isn’t a textbook cure for writer’s block, or artist’s block. It all just starts and stops for a combination of […]


A rare mid-week night out, with my favorite people, all lamp-lit and spot-lit and chandeliered. Pictures of pictures of pictures, all glowing little screens. And an Edgar Allen Poe craft show. And Clematis Street’s penultimate night light. More lights: Chris’ Light Show Yayoi Kusama’s Lights and Mirrors

Friday Night Lights

It’s the time of year now in Florida when the heat rolls in, this time with drought, so the day-lit colors that I obsess over are starting to bleach. Summer is night’s favorite season here. The sky deepens from aqua to cobalt to indigo blue, then retreats completely. The lights come up, and everything that […]