First Night 2013

Walking the last few hours of 2012, and the first few minutes of 2013, at Atlantic Avenue’s First Night… with some very tall people, and little ones, (I’m pretty sure this was supposed to be noodles as giant tinker toys, but turned into one enormous noodle fight)… on a bubble-wrap side street, with bubble-filled air. […]

Strange Monday

It was a strange day today, a holiday Monday without people, in a place usually full of people.  I love standing at the edge of things, we all seem to. Unlike places that let us wander, edges make us stop, think about where we are in space. So today we stopped. Everybody else seemed to […]


Okay. Honestly. Valentine’s Day, not a huge fan. But not a hater, either. So I opt, today, to wear a black boat neck top, yes, but with red shoes. Oliver, too, not a fan. He loves, but on his own terms. So we throw the love dust all over him, because we just can’t help […]

First Night

Under the electric starfish, my town celebrates First Night, filling the streets up: with thousands of people, and lights, including the moon, with glowing mohawks, and very tall puppets, fiddlers,  and dancers, things that twirl and spin, bikes that glow, very tall trees, and extra large poetry. Then, at midnight, we drop the car. (it’s […]

A New Years Message from Oliver

Transcribed verbatim: Oliver’s humans wish you all renewal, fresh starts, and exciting change this New Year. He’s right, we really do believe in all of that. But if you have an ideal perch, (and we do too), we hope it remains the perfect spot in 2012. Happy New Year All!

The Ghosts of Halloween Past

Halloween from days gone by. Well, a few years ago. Days long gone smelled like decaying maple leaves, meant parkas zipped up over home-made costumes, rain, orange and chocolate cupcakes, my mom pretending that something was climbing up the basement stairs behind me and my kitchen chair. Here, in my sub-tropical adulthood, or what has […]

Dining Room of Horror

In the Dining Room of Horror, a nightmarish scene has been set. What terrors are lurking on the dining set from hell? Ooh. Scary papier mache. Do not fear. Horrifying skull is illuminated by battery-powered flicker candle so Dining Room of Horror does not catch on fire. Safety always. Witness, if you dare, Tabby Cat […]