First Night 2013

Walking the last few hours of 2012, and the first few minutes of 2013, at Atlantic Avenue’s First Night… with some very tall people, and little ones, (I’m pretty sure this was supposed to be noodles as giant tinker toys, but turned into one enormous noodle fight)… on a bubble-wrap side street, with bubble-filled air. […]

Small Town

Just a quick shout-out to anyone watching tv tonight: my small town was voted Most Fun Small Town in America by Rand McNally, and the Travel Channel will tell us why, on Best of the Road, tonight, at 8 pm. Though I’m a little leery of calling anything the best of anything, I can say […]

Down the Alley

Walking down Artists’ Alley, downtown Delray Beach, on Open Studio night, right alongside the train tracks, (not the commuter tracks, but for the mile-long freight trains that still clatter like the percussion in an old Hank Williams song), and little islands of light glow after the car repair garages and welders nearby shut down for […]

Circus Thursday

Last night, in downtown Delray Beach, Atlantic Avenue seemed very much like Atlantic Avenue, except for certain things: Like girls spinning on rings, and twirling on sashes, strong men balancing on one hand, gentlemen who play with fire,  and, sometimes, swallow it. But, best, I think, little kids, (and a few adults) got to fly, […]


A rare mid-week night out, with my favorite people, all lamp-lit and spot-lit and chandeliered. Pictures of pictures of pictures, all glowing little screens. And an Edgar Allen Poe craft show. And Clematis Street’s penultimate night light. More lights: Chris’ Light Show Yayoi Kusama’s Lights and Mirrors

First Night

Under the electric starfish, my town celebrates First Night, filling the streets up: with thousands of people, and lights, including the moon, with glowing mohawks, and very tall puppets, fiddlers,  and dancers, things that twirl and spin, bikes that glow, very tall trees, and extra large poetry. Then, at midnight, we drop the car. (it’s […]

Sunday along the St. Lucie

In this part of Florida, the southeast, you have to go north to go South. Up Interstate 95, where the back ends of industrial parks and salvage yards trail off into open fields and where you see your first citrus groves, grazing horses, herds of cattle. We were driving only an hour north, but it’s […]

Side ways

One a rare weekday out of the studio, I went for a short wander down one of my favorite side streets, an odd mix of renovated and abandoned houses, overgrown yards, holistic shops, restaurant backs, stray cats, bamboo and silver floss trees. It could be even more intricate inside those hedge-guarded gardens, but they keep […]