New x Three at Blue Spiral 1

The Lonely Hunter, by Charles Keiger, and sculpture, Balance, by Tom Sheilds Some beautiful images sent to me from New X Three, at Blue Spiral 1 in Asheville, North Carolina. My Saprotrophic Vivarium, foregroundBaker’s Dozen, background,  by Brad Sells Symptomatic Vivarium Contagious Collection Collection New X Three January 10- March 2, 2013 Blue Spiral 1 38 […]

Studio Verite

photo: Jacques de Beaufort This post comes in squarely in the Shameless Self-Promotion catagory, so going in, believe me, I realize this. But it’s also about a phobia that previously made my eyes roll back and my brain white-out, the concept of being videotaped. For me, it’s been an almost primordial fear, something I felt […]

Becoming real

From this,  to this, virtually overnight. My studio looks more like a set from Michel Gondry’s Science of Sleep, a dream-scene of corrugated cardboard skyscrapers, though completely without his trademark whimsy.  (whimsical) (Not whimsical. Not one bit). The most amazing thing about all this finishing and tweaking and boxing and taping and folding and bubble-wrapping […]

Interior World

I’ve been completely preoccupied with an upcoming show, my first two-person, at Artspace Raleigh, in February. So the outside world has receded. Actually, it’s receded way into the distance, and the studio has ballooned, filled up with ticking time, straight pins, stained fingertips, hope, doubt, logistics, travel plans, spinning thoughts trying to merge together into […]

Petri Dish

If art-making is a transformation of the invisible into the visible, then the petri dish is the perfect metaphor. Target Gallery in Alexandria, Virginia has assembled a small works exhibition with one stipulation-the pieces must fit the parameters of a petri dish. Two of my biotopes are taking part: Amy Gross, Cultured Biotope, Parasol Mushrooms […]


I was finishing two projects last week, one my own work, a sewn fiber piece that fits under a glass dome, and my Dad’s paintings-turned-note cards, that I print for the Morikami Japanese Garden’s gift shop. The first year he moved here he painted every week there, and he loved it deeply. He never intended […]