My Solomon

I lost my beautiful Solomon last night. My lovely boy, my best friend. with the softest chin, and sweetest belly, Who, in sleep, the deepest dreaming sleeps, looked more like an Abstract Expressionist painting than a cat He was my watcher, my guardian of windows, fierce in ways that his mildness made you forget, gentle […]

Oliver’s Love

Oliver’s love for burrowing, in this case into the sleeve of my mother’s red robe the day before Valentines Day, has become a real-live, genuine, sold-in-stores greeting card! The lovely people at Palm Press found my picture of our tabby in his heart shaped cave, (styling by Mom), and turned him into a Valentine! Keep […]

Morning here…

Though I do like sleeping in, at least the idea of it, it’s always overruled by hungry cats. But at least I don’t miss this face, this way, first thing. Or the way the light slides in, softly slicing away at the floors and tabletops, setting glass on fire. Good morning, everybody.

Life on Earth, a play in one brief metaphorical act

Open on : A bucolic morning, soft and quiet, punctuated by patches of sunlight.   Solomon dozes, and Oliver ponders, and eventually they fall asleep together, on the appropriately named daybed, paws just touching. Silence extends four minutes. The audience is given time to soften. Solomon:     Whah? Oliver:         Huhn? Solomon: […]


Okay. Honestly. Valentine’s Day, not a huge fan. But not a hater, either. So I opt, today, to wear a black boat neck top, yes, but with red shoes. Oliver, too, not a fan. He loves, but on his own terms. So we throw the love dust all over him, because we just can’t help […]

Studio Visit

Working in my studio last night, I looked down, and discovered that Oliver had made a bed out of my fabric bin. He’s not a studio cat-he comes in only occasionally, to watch cars go past the window, or to steal a pompom, to beg for supper, or nurse his paws into a shopping bag […]

Dining Room of Horror

In the Dining Room of Horror, a nightmarish scene has been set. What terrors are lurking on the dining set from hell? Ooh. Scary papier mache. Do not fear. Horrifying skull is illuminated by battery-powered flicker candle so Dining Room of Horror does not catch on fire. Safety always. Witness, if you dare, Tabby Cat […]


What would you miss most, if everything was taken away from you? I’m not talking about people you love, that’s the first clear and obvious answer. What would you miss seeing, or being part of? I would miss morning, those first stabs of light, the theatrical glow right after, the shadows, the earliest suggestions of […]

Interior, with Solomon

First of all, Solomon is fine. Since Oliver came to live with us, he’s monopolized photographs and stories – Ollie’s the ham, the clown, the drama magnet with the cat-in-the-back-alley demeanor and flying saucer eyes. So when Solomon shows up on Flickr, in his camouflage, people immediately ask, is he ok? Has he passed? Is […]