Every time you go to the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, at the northernmost part of the Everglades  there’s a very good chance of an alligator meet-and-greet. This is not an every day kind of South Florida encounter, but since there’s water everywhere, it’s never out of the realm of the possible. I’ve […]


Walking in a place empty of people carries with it so much more than it should, don’t you think? You go there to be alone, to think, or to try not to think, to get away from crowded malls, from tweets, emails, tv, and all of the things that you have to do. But take […]

Saturday Night in FAT Village

It’s strange sometimes how you need to blog and then don’t want to blog – it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with mood, or activity, or inactivity, or restlessness. Maybe that’s why there isn’t a textbook cure for writer’s block, or artist’s block. It all just starts and stops for a combination of […]


Long weekends stretch things out, so there seems to be time to collect and hoard images – they pile up and fall on you, like most things do. Spiny back orb weavers in the backyard, hairy lichens, old Frankoma and a red beaded bracelet found at the antique fair, a necklace made from Halloween stickers […]

Federal Highway

The Dadaists would have loved Route 1. In this part of Florida we call it Federal Highway, which makes it sound starchy and solemn. But it’s not. At all. In a way, it’s a mess here, all mismatched strip malls and empty lots, broken concrete, abandoned shops, car dealerships, billboards, with confusingly brand-new Italianate town […]