Feathered Nest

I’m a part of a lovely post by Marni Elyse Katz on The Inside Source, about feathers in people’s homes. For me, they have been gifts that have literally, truly fallen from the sky. White ibis, sparrow hawks, blue jays, mourning doves, osprey, wood storks, blue herons, egrets and yes, turkey vultures, have contributed to […]

My Mother’s House

                                          In the house I grew up in there was a pair of antique ice skates, made of cracked wood and leather, hanging on a hook by the fireplace. I used to hold them, and think, […]

Joyce’s House

I would like to take you inside my friend Joyce’s house. I have known Joyce my entire life. My parents and Joyce and her husband were close friends, and we would drive up on weekends to visit them. Going to visit Joyce and Dick was a true adventure for me, because Joyce was an artist […]