Collections: Pursenality

I was never much of a handbag girl, maybe because I grew up in a 1920’s house. This really does make sense-1920’s houses had small closets, tiny closets that did not foresee the future of 1970s middle class families with more than one week supply of clothes, or shoes, or handbags. My Mom had a […]


I had looked for a dress form for a long time, in antique malls, in garage sales, flea markets, but never found the girl who was right for me. Too tattered, with shredded linen that looked like half-healed wounds, or too new, with prepubescent Kate Moss hips, (this would taunt me), or too expensive. Mainly, […]

Collections: Gently Worn

When I was ¬†eleven, I went with my parents to an antique fair. It was one of many I had followed them to, dozens of weekends wandering among old things. This time, I found a pair of black high button shoes, exactly my size. I couldn’t afford the pair, my allowance didn’t stretch that far. […]