Becoming real

From this,  to this, virtually overnight. My studio looks more like a set from Michel Gondry’s Science of Sleep, a dream-scene of corrugated cardboard skyscrapers, though completely without his trademark whimsy.  (whimsical) (Not whimsical. Not one bit). The most amazing thing about all this finishing and tweaking and boxing and taping and folding and bubble-wrapping […]

We’ve Got to Get Back to the Garden

I’m part of a new show at Kenise Barnes Fine Art, called We’ve Got to Get Back to the Garden, opening tomorrow night, July 7th, at 6:30, and continuing til August 20th. My shadowboxes will be there, alongside the beautiful work of Gabe Brown, Imi Hwangbo, Mary Judge, Leigh Mickelson, and Jill Parisi. More from […]

Holding and letting go

I get, literally and figuratively, very close to the objects I make. Every part of each has been picked out, picked up, held up, examined, altered, cut down, sewn in. They’re covered with fingerprints, needle pricks, there’s DNA on the end of every thread. When they’re done, I line them up and stare at them. […]

The joy of just doing

I’ve been a surface designer for a while now, long enough to have started my business back when every blanket and comforter I designed had to be painted by hand, full size, in gouche I mixed up in yogurt cups. I would sit for hours trying to get my paint swatches to match the imperious […]

The real life studio

When I say that the mini-me doll house artist has more space than I do, it’s absolutely true. I never dreamed of a big house, I don’t even like the open concept idea-give me a giant brick walled loft and I swear I’ll be sleeping in the cardboard refrigerator box. I like warrens of rooms, […]


I often think I make art to stop time. I used to make it to say here I am, and of course, that still has something to do with it. But now it’s more about grabbing hold of what I’m thinking in the here and now, and making it stop, hold still, so I can […]