The last few minutes of lunch served at a cafe in a museum. There’s no one left but us, and the staff, and tables to be bussed, things put back in place. Everyone is preparing to be somewhere else. Even though we’re still here, we’re done, thinking about our own particular next. It’s the last […]


I had looked for a dress form for a long time, in antique malls, in garage sales, flea markets, but never found the girl who was right for me. Too tattered, with shredded linen that looked like half-healed wounds, or too new, with prepubescent Kate Moss hips, (this would taunt me), or too expensive. Mainly, […]


They’re things with no practical use. And they’re usually small, easily trampled, creased, crushed or blown away. Things you come across, things you find when you’re doing something else, that fit into your pocket. Objects with an entirely different plan, most of them never marketed to you, never designed to grab your attention. If and […]

The Bell Jar

I’ve been asked more than once to put my work under glass, something the Victorian in me actually likes. But the small pieces I’ve made have survived cat attacks-that’s part of the point to them, that they aren’t real, and they aren’t delicate. I clean them up with rolled up masking tape. But there is […]