Hungry Eye

Yes, I finally joined Tumblr. I stopped waiting for the tall, wide studio wall that I could cover with postcards, quotes, scraps of fabric, pictures torn from magazines, that glorious wall of influence. I save folders of paper, bins of scraps, but they began to feel like a burden, the kinds of things that start […]

Collections: Frankoma

I didn’t want to post on collections two times in a row, but I just learned last week that Frankoma Pottery is officially no more. Founded in 1933 by potter John Frank, its name came from the combination of his last name and his state of Oklahoma, the source of the clay he used. And […]

Collections: Well In Hand

My brother used to unscrew the hands of department store mannequins, slowly and carefully, when my mom and the sales ladies weren’t looking. I would watch him in delighted horror-they made tiny, rusty, squeaking sounds as they came loose. He would place them delicately on the platform at their feet, palms up or palms down, […]

Back to Nunley’s, in a way

Any kid growing up in Nassau County, on Long Island, any time within 1939 – 1995, has some kind of memory of Nunley’s. Nunley’s was the kind of small-scale amusement park that lots of us think of while we’re getting all misty about our childhoods. There were parks like it everywhere,  packed into spaces next […]

Joyce’s House

I would like to take you inside my friend Joyce’s house. I have known Joyce my entire life. My parents and Joyce and her husband were close friends, and we would drive up on weekends to visit them. Going to visit Joyce and Dick was a true adventure for me, because Joyce was an artist […]

A walk

This is not an actual walk, in real time, but a collection of walks, on trails, on boardwalks, through woods. I think that if I were unable to go outside, and I had to recreate a walk from scratch, out of pieces of the recent past, it would look a lot like this. I don’t […]

Collections: Bookish

Last year, moving away, I packed up all my books, box after box after box of them, each box sealed shut with screeching packing tape. I piled them up everywhere, one on top of the other, my rooms looking like a giant child’s tilting cardboard city. I had given many away, but the rest I […]

Back to the Met

The first museum my parents took me to was the Museum of Natural History, because nothing can compete with a giant blue whale hanging from a ceiling. But after that, the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Later on I read “From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler”, about a brother and sister who ran […]

Collections: Global

We collect, sometimes beyond the point of reason. And there are multiple reasons why. But the root cause, I think, is pretty basic – I’m sure I’m repeating myself, but here I go again – we need to gather things together that help explain the world to ourselves, and explain ourselves to the world. I’m […]