I left my camera in a dressing room yesterday.  It was the first time since I took it out of its box that it hasn’t been near me, and its sudden absence reminds me not only of the loss itself but it problems it creates – that distancing from direct experience. In a way there’s […]


Not all that autumnal, though the orange suits the season, right? On the last afternoon before a cold front passes through Florida, I thought I would get tropical one more time. I don’t dive or snorkel, I have oxygen issues, as in, if the air comes through a tube, I’m somewhere I don’t want to […]

Snail’s Pace

Late Saturday afternoon the snails are hard at work, doing what they do, crossing bridges of grass. Following each other over there, where it should be better. Scaling up this way, because they can. Or disappearing to a cooler place, into the dim depths, the source of things. To find what they want there. The […]

Among Us

Here’s the source of my preoccupation with mushrooms: As a teenager, I had a potted plant in my bedroom, an umbrella tree that had been given to me as a gift. It grew so fast and was so vital in its way that it seemed more like a pet than a plant. It popped a […]

A walk

This is not an actual walk, in real time, but a collection of walks, on trails, on boardwalks, through woods. I think that if I were unable to go outside, and I had to recreate a walk from scratch, out of pieces of the recent past, it would look a lot like this. I don’t […]

Such Green

We’ve been lucky with nature this month, around this little suburban house. Dragonflies on the screens, orange butterflies outside Dunkin Donuts, a nest full of baby mockingbirds in the young yellow and green Cassia tree outside my studio window. They gape at their mother dropping them insects, baring their lemon yellow mouths. They sound like […]

A Wing

I found this little wing at the front door this morning. It used to be one of four. The Halloween Pennant dragonflies are swarming everywhere right now, it must be March. She went as far as she could go, I guess. I still can’t quite understand how intricately amazing this transient world can be. This […]