There is something to be said for having to stop in the middle of a shopping center while your friend takes a phone call, and there are Royal Palms all around, to give the strip mall a bit of that Miami Beach made-up kind of glam, though there’s really nothing glam about a strip mall […]


Not all that autumnal, though the orange suits the season, right? On the last afternoon before a cold front passes through Florida, I thought I would get tropical one more time. I don’t dive or snorkel, I have oxygen issues, as in, if the air comes through a tube, I’m somewhere I don’t want to […]

Sidewalk Stories

So many stories on a sidewalk after it rains. A strip of cement that connects one house with another, swept bare most of the time, but after a storm it’s imprinted with what remains after wind and water shift things around.  There’s a leaf turned transparent as a scrap of tissue paper. Another split directly […]

My Neighbor’s Orchids

I have no talent for orchids. But some of my neighbors do.  Early mornings, I ride past them on my bike. I hardly see anyone around here in the summer, so I don’t really know who lives where. But I know their orchids. I love their mix of Walt Disney and Willy Wonka and David […]

So much like…

I just finished a new sewn piece, so after naming it and photographing it and justifying its existence I can take a little breath. Think, or preferably, not think. Mostly, I look. Look at pictures, look at things, pick things up. Remind myself about why I surround myself with certain objects. Why I go straight […]

Flora and fauna

In a few square yards, such strange and wonderful things are growing. Prickly trees, (Silk Floss) (seriously so). Insect galls. Caterpillars that eat everything they can, (Monarch Butterflies soon) while holding on for dear life.  (she’s a Queen Butterfly-to-be) And messages from the more destructive species, who still make their points, sometimes good ones, in […]

Collections: Tiny Furniture

Has anyone ever explained to your satisfaction the reason why we’re fascinated by tiny furniture? A lot of the time it’s treated like some kind of complex, or control issue. But that’s not it. I haven’t figured it out, exactly. But it has something to do with placing two worlds together, and jumping between them. […]

A walk

This is not an actual walk, in real time, but a collection of walks, on trails, on boardwalks, through woods. I think that if I were unable to go outside, and I had to recreate a walk from scratch, out of pieces of the recent past, it would look a lot like this. I don’t […]

Such Green

We’ve been lucky with nature this month, around this little suburban house. Dragonflies on the screens, orange butterflies outside Dunkin Donuts, a nest full of baby mockingbirds in the young yellow and green Cassia tree outside my studio window. They gape at their mother dropping them insects, baring their lemon yellow mouths. They sound like […]