Finally, the Old Blue Barn goes electric, thanks to Ikea and their LED bookcase lights. Move the chairs and tables, there might be dancing.  For some reason, I’ve been a compartmentalizing doll houser. My two houses are irony free, I’ve separated my art world from my hobby almost completely. They’re little fantasies of the ideal […]


There is something to be said for having to stop in the middle of a shopping center while your friend takes a phone call, and there are Royal Palms all around, to give the strip mall a bit of that Miami Beach made-up kind of glam, though there’s really nothing glam about a strip mall […]

Sidewalk Stories

So many stories on a sidewalk after it rains. A strip of cement that connects one house with another, swept bare most of the time, but after a storm it’s imprinted with what remains after wind and water shift things around.  There’s a leaf turned transparent as a scrap of tissue paper. Another split directly […]

Among Us

Here’s the source of my preoccupation with mushrooms: As a teenager, I had a potted plant in my bedroom, an umbrella tree that had been given to me as a gift. It grew so fast and was so vital in its way that it seemed more like a pet than a plant. It popped a […]

Joyce’s Garden (part 2)

Closer up in Joyce’s mountain-side garden. Still-lives from a place not at all still, from the hum and fizz and whir of the smaller things. Even the colors seem to make their own sounds. One gift that Joyce’s garden has given me was this: that one early evening, a few years ago, I went outside to […]

Giant Garage Sale 2: Floored

The floor at the Giant Garage Sale was as fascinating as the tabletops, maybe a bit more mysterious-stuff thrown in boxes, stacked and piled. Things leaning, dropped, tossed. Sweaters styled fifty years ago but never worn. Paintings of deep blue seas and mist shrouded mountains, portraits of fish and chickens, dozens of sad-eyed, pensive girls. […]


My friend Katety saw this photo of my studio over at Flickr and was sharp-eyed enough – you ain’t kidding – to ask what the fortune on my lamp read. (It must mean something to me if I mean to read it every day). And actually, it does: But for all the Chinese food I’ve […]

Collections: Tiny Furniture

Has anyone ever explained to your satisfaction the reason why we’re fascinated by tiny furniture? A lot of the time it’s treated like some kind of complex, or control issue. But that’s not it. I haven’t figured it out, exactly. But it has something to do with placing two worlds together, and jumping between them. […]

Such Green

We’ve been lucky with nature this month, around this little suburban house. Dragonflies on the screens, orange butterflies outside Dunkin Donuts, a nest full of baby mockingbirds in the young yellow and green Cassia tree outside my studio window. They gape at their mother dropping them insects, baring their lemon yellow mouths. They sound like […]