I finally found the curio cabinet I had always wanted, in a local consignment shop, not very old but not all that new either. For a while, someone else had kept their tiny things in it. Some of us, I guess, are compelled to pick up tiny things, and keep them, and save them from […]

A lot

What it is about too much? We seem to value the two extremes, the one and only thing, and the way too much of something. We love and fear them, afraid to lose the single thing, afraid to lose the bounty. And afraid to be buried under it. I was reading today about a woman […]

Hungry Eye

Yes, I finally joined Tumblr. I stopped waiting for the tall, wide studio wall that I could cover with postcards, quotes, scraps of fabric, pictures torn from magazines, that glorious wall of influence. I save folders of paper, bins of scraps, but they began to feel like a burden, the kinds of things that start […]

Collections: Posted

I’ve loved old postcards for a long time now, enough to start collecting them when I was ten, (the first one found in the desk in the living room, one sent to my Mom, of a New Jersey amusement park). Enough to fix some into my sketchbooks, enough to use them as backgrounds in my […]

Collections: Pursenality

I was never much of a handbag girl, maybe because I grew up in a 1920’s house. This really does make sense-1920’s houses had small closets, tiny closets that did not foresee the future of 1970s middle class families with more than one week supply of clothes, or shoes, or handbags. My Mom had a […]

Collections: Vintage jewelry

I’ve never owned a piece of jewelry that had an ounce of worldly value.  I’ll never have any stories about trading in the family jewels to save the house. But ask me about my all-time favorite necklace and I’ll describe the plastic Oreo cookie with a bite taken out of it, on a leather string, […]

Feathered Nest

I’m a part of a lovely post by Marni Elyse Katz on The Inside Source, about feathers in people’s homes. For me, they have been gifts that have literally, truly fallen from the sky. White ibis, sparrow hawks, blue jays, mourning doves, osprey, wood storks, blue herons, egrets and yes, turkey vultures, have contributed to […]

Collections: Golden

I collected Golden Books when I was a kid. I collected books in general, all gifts from grown ups, appearing magically in my blue bookshelf. Magically because I have no specific memories of their arrival – they were always there. My parents’ house was filled with books, books with no pictures, books with pictures. I […]

Collections: In bowls

Taking a look at what ends up in household bowls is a bit like having your head examined, isn’t it? The things you put under glass are things that need to be protected, but bowls are restless, fluid, transient. They hold what you pick up along the way, for as long as you need them. […]