Perfect Scale

I  keep thinking about my friend Sans‘ lovely post about her art project with her nephew, Nat, all about perfectionism and spontaneity. I’ve been mulling over the amount of control you need to assert over your process, how much you need to rein in and how much you need to let go, to have your […]


As much as I complain about the times when I have to produce a lot of work in a short period, those protracted, intense marathons turn out to be  all about the actual experience of making things – the physical act of it that I love so much, that I would miss so deeply if […]


I get my brushes and ink and canvas and paint at a small art store, but I’m not there nearly as much as at the gigantic craft superstores. Where I’m just another cog in the wheel with a plastic shopping basket, bleached blue under fluorescent lights, wandering past the faces of a thousand silk flowers. […]

Collections: Bugged

 Sometimes things happen in the studio that aren’t particularly planned – I’m not really a collector of fake bugs, but they seem to have collected themselves. The way the real ones often do, to my dismay. But they keep showing up, (the fake ones) in my work, on my things, as my jewelry. I’ve been […]

Shadow Boxing

 I’ve been working small lately, having missed that kind of scale. This small, (five inches square, two inches deep), excludes the rest of the world when you look into them, they’re all there is for the few minutes you give them.  I think of them as samplers. As if they were a square of space […]


I used to upload pictures of my home to Flickr and see them as something separate from the house I lived in, another place that existed free from the grubby everyday. It must be the same way someone well-known looks at a published photo of themselves and sees that person as someone different than who […]