Perfect Scale

I  keep thinking about my friend Sans‘ lovely post about her art project with her nephew, Nat, all about perfectionism and spontaneity. I’ve been mulling over the amount of control you need to assert over your process, how much you need to rein in and how much you need to let go, to have your […]


Finally, the Old Blue Barn goes electric, thanks to Ikea and their LED bookcase lights. Move the chairs and tables, there might be dancing.  For some reason, I’ve been a compartmentalizing doll houser. My two houses are irony free, I’ve separated my art world from my hobby almost completely. They’re little fantasies of the ideal […]


It’s October, right? I’m trying to get into the mood. But it’s hard to. It’s going to be 90 degrees this week. They promised us a cool front by Friday, which means a high of 86. They’re selling scarves and gloves in Target, but I can’t imagine wearing them, I can’t even touch anything that’s […]

Studio Revisted

I felt like going back into my studio in the attic of the Blue Barn today. I think I just plain miss it. In a funny way, since it’s been stored away, I remember it through the photos, and it feels more like a real place I’ve lived in than if it were right in […]

Wall Eyed

I’ve gotten a little inspiration wall shy. This traces back to the day I pinned a postcard way too enthusiastically and the pin board came loose and fell down the back of a very wide and heavy bookshelf, pushpins and papers and photos and feathers and ticket stubs rattling and rustling down the back of […]

Missing you…

The Old Blue Barn is up on a shelf right now, empty. Wow, that was needlessly depressing in tone, it’s not like it burned up in a fire or was accidentally crushed in a soccer-ball incident-(that did happen once, to another house, long ago). It’s right over my head while I’m typing away here. But […]

Mini Me, in a way

Dollhouse art studios seldom come to be the same way real sized ones do-Mini Me had a work table long before I did, and she does have much more space, proportionally. When she wanted an easel she didn’t have to save up and order it from the Dick Blick catalog, she just asked and I […]

Dream studio, (literally)

I guess I had dream houses built in my head when I was a kid, but they were never as vivid to me as the fantasy studio. My father was an art director and worked with all kinds of artists, and each came with their own particular work places. The one I remember best belonged […]