Monday in the Park with Mom

I live right off a main road that starts at the ocean, (if you see the ocean as the beginning of things), and reaches inland, due west all the way to the Florida Everglades. As you go west the shopping centers drift away, the named communities, the billboards. You go under the turnpike and past […]

Circus Thursday

Last night, in downtown Delray Beach, Atlantic Avenue seemed very much like Atlantic Avenue, except for certain things: Like girls spinning on rings, and twirling on sashes, strong men balancing on one hand, gentlemen who play with fire,  and, sometimes, swallow it. But, best, I think, little kids, (and a few adults) got to fly, […]

First Night

Under the electric starfish, my town celebrates First Night, filling the streets up: with thousands of people, and lights, including the moon, with glowing mohawks, and very tall puppets, fiddlers,  and dancers, things that twirl and spin, bikes that glow, very tall trees, and extra large poetry. Then, at midnight, we drop the car. (it’s […]

Window Shopping

As any devotee of Project Runway knows well, the shopping mall, according to Michael Kors, is a wretched hive of spandex and acetate villainy, the standard measure of the low brow and the common. Anything that sinks below the good taste limbo pole is banished there immediately-an amusing touch of irony, considering that my local […]

Secret Garden

Okay. Not an absolute secret. But if you were driving past this strip mall, and didn’t need a wig, or a fan, you would see little reason to stop. Maybe the pink posts flanking The Girls would give you brief pause. Most likely, not. But if you knew what lay behind it, you would stop, […]

Side ways

One a rare weekday out of the studio, I went for a short wander down one of my favorite side streets, an odd mix of renovated and abandoned houses, overgrown yards, holistic shops, restaurant backs, stray cats, bamboo and silver floss trees. It could be even more intricate inside those hedge-guarded gardens, but they keep […]

Friday Night Lights

It’s the time of year now in Florida when the heat rolls in, this time with drought, so the day-lit colors that I obsess over are starting to bleach. Summer is night’s favorite season here. The sky deepens from aqua to cobalt to indigo blue, then retreats completely. The lights come up, and everything that […]

The street where you do not live

 I have a strange relationship with wishful thinking and projection and presuming one knows what one wants. Part of me does this – daydream, collect pictures of other people’s things, set up imaginary studios. But the rest of me, the most of me, believes that the house, the street, the future you want always comes […]

Morikami Sunday

We came for the kimono exhibit inside the museum, but we stayed, and always stay, at the Morikami, for the gardens. Because, within yards of each other, are a spectrum of petals, And all kinds of green. The bamboo stalks knock and squeak when the air moves them, And shadows slide downhill. There are steps […]