Solomon has the right idea. After a day of working to a radio program interviewing an author about the impending death of the middle class, after sitting so long at the computer that I could no longer feel the difference between my own body and the chair I was sitting on, after turning away from […]


I finally found the curio cabinet I had always wanted, in a local consignment shop, not very old but not all that new either. For a while, someone else had kept their tiny things in it. Some of us, I guess, are compelled to pick up tiny things, and keep them, and save them from […]

Studio Archaeology

I’ve been cleaning out my studio, (again), not really the studio itself but the things I brought over here after I sold my place, things that started to feel like an enormous weight. Mainly paperwork, documents and traces of ownership, the stuff we call a paper trail, leading us back to who we were. The […]

Coffee table reading

I sometimes daydream about having an extra room to call the library, with floor to ceiling bookshelves, with a ladder on tracks, with a long table in the center wired with reading lamps, with an overstuffed chair near the window, wait, no – with a window seat stuffed with pillows, with an antique card catalogue […]

Studio Visit

Working in my studio last night, I looked down, and discovered that Oliver had made a bed out of my fabric bin. He’s not a studio cat-he comes in only occasionally, to watch cars go past the window, or to steal a pompom, to beg for supper, or nurse his paws into a shopping bag […]

Feathered Nest

I’m a part of a lovely post by Marni Elyse Katz on The Inside Source, about feathers in people’s homes. For me, they have been gifts that have literally, truly fallen from the sky. White ibis, sparrow hawks, blue jays, mourning doves, osprey, wood storks, blue herons, egrets and yes, turkey vultures, have contributed to […]

The Ghosts of Halloween Past

Halloween from days gone by. Well, a few years ago. Days long gone smelled like decaying maple leaves, meant parkas zipped up over home-made costumes, rain, orange and chocolate cupcakes, my mom pretending that something was climbing up the basement stairs behind me and my kitchen chair. Here, in my sub-tropical adulthood, or what has […]

Dining Room of Horror

In the Dining Room of Horror, a nightmarish scene has been set. What terrors are lurking on the dining set from hell? Ooh. Scary papier mache. Do not fear. Horrifying skull is illuminated by battery-powered flicker candle so Dining Room of Horror does not catch on fire. Safety always. Witness, if you dare, Tabby Cat […]


What would you miss most, if everything was taken away from you? I’m not talking about people you love, that’s the first clear and obvious answer. What would you miss seeing, or being part of? I would miss morning, those first stabs of light, the theatrical glow right after, the shadows, the earliest suggestions of […]


They didn’t grow up together. And they’re separated in age by ten long years, eons of cat time, my Solomon an older gentleman who thoroughly ran his former house, made his own day, chose his own window sills and red blankets,¬†executed lizard house-crashers and took on a confused raccoon that broke into his screened porch. […]