Down the Alley

Walking down Artists’ Alley, downtown Delray Beach, on Open Studio night, right alongside the train tracks, (not the commuter tracks, but for the mile-long freight trains that still clatter like the percussion in an old Hank Williams song), and little islands of light glow after the car repair garages and welders nearby shut down for […]

Studio Verite

photo: Jacques de Beaufort This post comes in squarely in the Shameless Self-Promotion catagory, so going in, believe me, I realize this. But it’s also about a phobia that previously made my eyes roll back and my brain white-out, the concept of being videotaped. For me, it’s been an almost primordial fear, something I felt […]

Studio Archaeology

I’ve been cleaning out my studio, (again), not really the studio itself but the things I brought over here after I sold my place, things that started to feel like an enormous weight. Mainly paperwork, documents and traces of ownership, the stuff we call a paper trail, leading us back to who we were. The […]


As much as I complain about the times when I have to produce a lot of work in a short period, those protracted, intense marathons turn out to be  all about the actual experience of making things – the physical act of it that I love so much, that I would miss so deeply if […]

Becoming real

From this,  to this, virtually overnight. My studio looks more like a set from Michel Gondry’s Science of Sleep, a dream-scene of corrugated cardboard skyscrapers, though completely without his trademark whimsy.  (whimsical) (Not whimsical. Not one bit). The most amazing thing about all this finishing and tweaking and boxing and taping and folding and bubble-wrapping […]

Helen Frankenthaler

Helen Frankenthaler died today-strange how I was looking at these wonderful photographs very early this morning – she’s in her studio, in 1957, painting with her slippers, and with her hands. Images found on I’m Not a Person in This Dream – I’m a Place

Interior World

I’ve been completely preoccupied with an upcoming show, my first two-person, at Artspace Raleigh, in February. So the outside world has receded. Actually, it’s receded way into the distance, and the studio has ballooned, filled up with ticking time, straight pins, stained fingertips, hope, doubt, logistics, travel plans, spinning thoughts trying to merge together into […]

Studio Visit

Working in my studio last night, I looked down, and discovered that Oliver had made a bed out of my fabric bin. He’s not a studio cat-he comes in only occasionally, to watch cars go past the window, or to steal a pompom, to beg for supper, or nurse his paws into a shopping bag […]

The desk where I live…

The studio is a kind of chicken and egg thing-it’s sometimes hard to figure out how much of the development of your work is decided by the space you make it in. I’ve only had small spaces to work in so far, and I have always stayed relatively small. But I’ve been watching ants and […]

Studio Revisted

I felt like going back into my studio in the attic of the Blue Barn today. I think I just plain miss it. In a funny way, since it’s been stored away, I remember it through the photos, and it feels more like a real place I’ve lived in than if it were right in […]