The most interesting thing about South Florida is its precarious hold on civilization – a constant tug-of-war between the lawn mower and the strangling vine. I love it here in spite of this and because of this. You can never really relax, even though the Department of Tourism calls out for you to come here […]

In the Cassia Tree

Speaking of trees, this is our Cassia, a young one, a baby, really. It sits in our front yard, tilting, growing out its haircuts so quickly that it seems to be laughing at our attempts at taming it, our feeble fumbling for curb appeal. But, see, if you don’t tame your trees here, you get […]


I’ve passed these trees many times on my way back home from places, and I love their gothic cloaked drama. They’re frozen in what seems like a continuous Boo. But, really, they’re just unfortunate to be set in a lot that no one pays much attention to-they’re smothered by an invasive vine that doesn’t belong […]

Flora and fauna

In a few square yards, such strange and wonderful things are growing. Prickly trees, (Silk Floss) (seriously so). Insect galls. Caterpillars that eat everything they can, (Monarch Butterflies soon) while holding on for dear life.  (she’s a Queen Butterfly-to-be) And messages from the more destructive species, who still make their points, sometimes good ones, in […]

What Spring was, and is

I finally flew up to New York to see “Flowers, Follies”. (It was better than I had guessed from photos, and I was able to really see the work of the artists I shared the room with, how intimate and complex and beautiful their pieces are up close). I moved south almost twelve years ago, […]

Tree Burst

Spring here is like a tree explosion, sometimes you can’t believe the intensity against all that cobalt blue Florida sky. Sometimes I think I can see colors best when they’re trapped in a photo-I have trouble believing them when I see them in real time. The trees here will challenge that for the next three […]